Black History Month: Nurturing our future generations with digital skills

October is the celebration of Black History. It is an opportunity for all to take awareness and learn about the rich history that shapes everyone’s lives today. Not only to learn more about the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Civil Rights Movement in America and its prominent figures such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks, but to also connect with someone of African heritage and discover more about the vibrancy of their culture, from the language, music, food, innovations and so much more that expresses their way of life and amazing achievements.

We so often talk about slavery but not enough about the bravery of people who are making a difference in the face of challenges. This final week of Black History Month, we would like to celebrate two instructors that have been nurturing our future generations for many years with digital literacy and skills that are required now more than ever. Through their dedication to the field, they have imparted essential knowledge and technical competencies educating, training and inspiring many.


Gloria Opara

Photo credit: Gloria Opara

Based in Medway, Kent, Gloria is a Director of training and development for Cyber Engineers Ltd. Started in 2018, it is a Cisco Networking Academy, which provides hands-on, instructor-led training and services in cybersecurity for individuals and businesses. She is an experienced Further Education/Apprenticeship educator for Computer Science at Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) in Kent and outside of educating cyber security, she is an active elected member of her local Council.

Gloria has a passion for supporting students in the bridge between school, Further Education, and employment. Having achieved 100% external cyber security examination pass rate so far, she has made it her priority to have her students gain the essential cyber security skills to take with them into the industry. Gloria works closely with non-traditional learners, including NEET learners, at different stages in their careers to become cyber security professionals. She works long hours but always cares about making learning interactive and accessible for her students, by hosting practical sessions using packet tracers and live machines to employ a blended learning approach. She finds it unique, sometimes challenging but always rewarding.


Femi Adegbite

Photo Credit: Femi Adegbite

Femi is a Computer Science lecturer as well as a certified CompTIA & Cisco Networking Academy Instructor from Doncaster College. He has been a teacher for over 10 years. He teaches across education Levels 1-5. More presently he is teaching specifically Levels 2 and 3 in computing, with the awarding body of City and Guild and Pearsons BTEC. Focussing first on his personal, professional and academic development as an educator. Over the years he has developed new skills in digital technologies, such as programming, networking and security, and has a passion to be up to date with the recent technologies within the industry.

He has since become a supportive educator, that cares about students' progress and career beyond the classroom and into the working world. Discovering Cisco Networking Academy courses around 3 years ago, he has been teaching students IT Essentials, Networking Essentials, Python programming, Introduction to CyberSecurity, CyberSecurity Essentials, and much more to add value for his students. Going above and beyond, he equips his students with the skills to independently train themselves, by upskilling individuals, rather than simply aiding in gaining a qualification.

Thank you, Gloria and Femi, for being such passionate educators, impacting positively with your contributions and commitment to digital literacy.

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