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Cisco Networking Academy at the Royal National College for the Blind update

The Royal National College for the Blind ( RNC ) as it name implies – specialises in teaching industry applicable skills for Blind and Vision Impaired students in the United Kingdom. Having done so for over 142 years, RNC is considered to be a national leader with an international reputation for teaching in this field. Since July 2014, RNC has been actively involved in the Cisco Networking Academy ( NetAcad ) programme, working closely with employees of Cisco as well as academic staff at The Open University. In a combined endeavour, all three parties with the support of international accessibility experts at Curtin University, Perth, Australia, ventured to co-develop the UK’s first Cisco Academy for the Blind and Vision Impaired. Having trained the experienced teaching team in all things technical regarding Cisco network engineering, the teaching of the first group of students commenced early 2015. Using adaptive technologies, innovative practices and a range of Cisco technologie