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Ashley Beck and Police Scotland Youth Volunteers

Cyber crime is increasing daily, if we don’t educate and learn we won’t be able to support the next generations. We will only help them to suffer. Crime is now growing digitally, and many authorities are not aware of how cyber crimes take place.  Ashey Beck studied at Glasgow Caledonian University, achieving an honours degree in IT. She later went onto work for IBM, but realised she wanted to use her degree and her community focus to help communities, so she left her job and went onto becoming a police sergeant at Police Scotland. Ashley didn’t stop there, she is now studying a master’s in Cyber Security. Ashley helps to inspire many people of all ages and all backgrounds; she supports and teaches courses where the community can evolve. This helps to grow opportunities for young people and show them a world that has more opportunities. Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV) PSYV is a programme that has been put in places to help strengthen and inspire the young people, the Police wor

Celebrating 70 years of WorldSkills

In November 2020, WorldSkills celebrated 70 years of its existence and the impact it has had on “millions of young people, empowering communities and fuelling economies” [1] . They have built a movement that now reaches two-thirds of the world’s population, combining the strengths of 85 member organisations. It was formerly known as the International Vocation Training Organisation (IVTO), founded in Spain during the 1940s, initially holding national competitions that encouraged young men to learn a trade through various challenges presented to them and by winning resulted in monetary prizes. This was a pre-emptive move by the ruler at the time, as it was predicted that a skilled workforce will be required to help provide nation-wide economic development after the effects Second World War. This competition was further expanded internationally in 1950 to Spain’s neighbouring country Portugal. Then in 1953, general invites from Spain brought in addition to Portugal; Germany, United Kingdo

Importance of Education and Opportunities

Photo Credit: Lynne Norman Lynne Norman knows the importance of education and opportunities. After working in Further Education for many years, she joined Watford UTC (University Technical College) where she spent the last 3 years dedicating her role as a BTEC Lead Practitioner and running a Cisco Academy. Lynne has spent approximately 11 years in teaching and inspired students of all ages. Her past involvement with Cisco Academy led her to offer the current students she teaches a digital education through virtual learning environments, providing a more accessible and independent learning experience. In the region of a thousand students have been educated through Lynne's classrooms and they have been taught various courses from the Cisco NetAcad platform such as Get Connected, Introduction to Cyber Security, Introduction to Packet tracer and many more. With a high percentage of her classrooms from Years 10 up to 13 passing their courses, Lynne’s passion and dedication to her studen