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The Skills Toolkit

Cisco UK & Ireland are pleased to be able to support the UK Government led The Skills Toolkit initiative, for furloughed workers during the Covid19 lockdown. The Programming Essentials in Python course is being offered, alongside courses from other providers. If this applies to you, your colleagues or employees, please visit to learn more about the initiative.

Networking Academy Badges

Networking Academy students can earn a digital credential in the form of a badge for completing a course with a minimum standard of performance. Badges are digital assets that communicate a learning achievement and serve as a student level credential. Networking Academy badges are issued and verified by Cisco. Each badge includes ‘metadata,’ a detailed description of the subject matter covered, and what was required to earn the badge. Read more here .

Learning Never Stops

Learning Never Stops Cisco is bringing its collective resources, technologies and experience to assist you. Enabling continuous connections and collaboration anywhere in the world are what Cisco is built for! We welcome all Cisco Networking Academy partners, institutions and students—along with those new to Cisco—to utilize these tools. Because working together unites us in good times and challenging ones.More information:

Summer of Love 2020

In the UK and Ireland, four Cisco ITC's have joined forces. Creating the Summer of Love concept. This is a collection of Instructor Training courses supporting all teachers from all backgrounds. Their plan was to offer this before Covid19 became a reality. However, as events overtook us, they have pushed forward their plans, extended the collaboration and improved the offer: 1. CCNA1v7 is being offered by Kapilan@UWTSD - first start, 1st May, second start 1st of June! 2. CyberOps is being offered by Tom@TU:Dublin - commencing mid May. 3. IT Essentials is being offered by Ron@BCU - commencing end of May. Enrol here

IBM and Cisco partner to support remote teaching and charity work across the UK

IBM and Cisco have joined forces to offer teachers in 24,000 schools and staff in 185,000+ not-for profit organisations across the UK, free access to use Cisco's Webex Meetings conferencing tool (individual licences) and to offer guidance on how to get started using the tool for best effect. The technology offers simple and intuitive features for online collaboration in response to the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are a teacher, school, charity, or NHS professional, feel free to register to be supported for free by a volunteers.