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Black History Month: Nurturing our future generations with digital skills

October is the celebration of Black History. It is an opportunity for all to take awareness and learn about the rich history that shapes everyone’s lives today. Not only to learn more about the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Civil Rights Movement in America and its prominent figures such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks, but to also connect with someone of African heritage and discover more about the vibrancy of their culture, from the language, music, food, innovations and so much more that expresses their way of life and amazing achievements. We so often talk about slavery but not enough about the bravery of people who are making a difference in the face of challenges. This final week of Black History Month, we would like to celebrate two instructors that have been nurturing our future generations for many years with digital literacy and skills that are required now more than ever. Through their dedication to the field, they have imparted essential knowl

Event: The Importance of Cyber Security Skills in Today’s EU Job Market

  During this year's European Cybersecurity Month we would like to invite you to the two-days virtual event “ The Importance of Cyber Security Skills in Today’s EU Job Market ”, that will take place on October 28th -29th 2020. The aim of this event is to take stock of the situation regarding the cyber security skills that are missing in the current and future European labour market, and to reflect about what are the strategies to be implemented at the educational level to fill the gaps. The event is mainly addressed at teachers and digital sector professionals. On October 28th, you'll be able to listen to high-level speeches from Cisco, European Commission and Enisa about EU's strategy for digital skills and which are the activities that could be implemented to create awareness and competences among young students and professionals. On October 29th, Cisco Networking Academy Instructors will lead cyber security labs. Register now (it's the same link for both days, so yo

European Cybersecurity Month 2020: Recognising Rebecca's Contribution

This European Cyber Security Month  (ECSM), we would like to highlight someone very exceptional – Cisco Networking Academy instructor Rebecca Harrop. Rebecca plays a vital role in the education of professional Network and Cyber Security personnel. As a key educator of Network and Cyber Security in the UK, her work continues to help bridge the Cyber Security skills-gap. Rebecca is a specialist in computer networking and security, and senior lecturer of cybersecurity at the University of Bedfordshire. She is also an associate lecturer in computer networking, cybersecurity micro credential consultant, and co-author with the Open University. She has trained and inspired thousands of students on their pathways to becoming IT Technicians, Network and Security Engineers and SOC Analysts. This year she celebrates her 20th year as a Cisco Networking Academy instructor. Rebecca was a long-standing manager of a Cisco Networking Academy and Cybersecurity lab at Barnet and Southgate College. Rebecc